Month: May 2007

Cash flow management: Envelope budgeting

The Foundation for Credit Education says: For individuals who don’t like to work with figures, the “envelope method” provides a simple way to build a savings fund. This convenient system allows you to set aside money each week… Read More

Manage your Cash Flow

Overspending? Does it seem as if you never know exactly where you are with your finances? I’m not going to promise you’ll be rich overnight but at least take a look at the budgeting techniques that have worked… Read More


Hello Friend, Are you looking for immediate payoff? Can you tolerate delayed gratification (work hard and invest time and money now with no paycheck for exponential returns later on)? Do you want to work hard in the office… Read More

Money and Wealth

How do you define wealth? There is no perfect definition for wealth except that it is relative. For me, wealth is knowing I have a choice and enabling myself to always have a choice. It’s abundance in bank… Read More