Money and Wealth

How do you define wealth?

There is no perfect definition for wealth except that it is relative. For me, wealth is knowing I have a choice and enabling myself to always have a choice. It’s abundance in bank accounts, investments, and businesses. Having money is just part of it, but it’s a very important component of wealth.

Wealth is having the time to go to your kid’s ballet recital, taking her shopping, having a 6-month honeymoon (or longer!). Wealth is building relationships with family and having time to continuously learn. Wealth is never feeling like a victim or having someone else as your boss.

As long as you have to answer to anyone but God or yourself, I don’t think that’s wealth. So if you have to worry about getting fired or what other people say or defaulting on your mortgage, that’s not wealth.

God wants us to be wealthy because how are we supposed to serve His greater glory if we don’t have the time or the choice?

Please challenge my definition.

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