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New Season, New Look, New Stuff, New Ideas

It’s been a pretty difficult past few months. I visited my cousins in California, ate a lot, enjoyed the (not so) cold climate of Fresno and San Francisco. I enjoyed an attempt to visit the city that never… Read More

Reboot my Budget in 20 minutes (YNAB Review)

I’ve been on YNAB budgeting system for 3 weeks now. Before that, I was on and off with my envelope budgeting, but since having reformatted computers and moving files, I didn’t have my old spreadsheets anymore so I… Read More

Secured Credit Card

No credit investigation. No income documents required. – Metrobank Value MasterCard application Good info for freelancers, college students, or newly self-employed who aren’t ready with their income documents yet. You can Share This article through the link at… Read More

Stock Trading Online

The Philippines may be a developing country but hooray! We have stock trading online! You can start for as low as P5,000! Not ready yet? You may want to play games first. You can also avail of free… Read More