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My Q3 2016 Review - Photo of Techweek Toronto

Thankful for a Fabulous Q3 2016!

I can’t believe Q3 (July, August, September) is over! The weather is getting cooler, light jackets are back in use, but still enjoying a few hours of sunshine. I’m reviewing the quarter that was — what went well… Read More

Philippine Web Design Conference in November 2015!

The people behind Philippine Web Designers Organization are amazing, talented, and hard workers and continue to deliver. I feel fortunate to have been one of the first members and I’m happy to invite you to attend this upcoming… Read More

Stock Market Education this September

Aside from the usual FREE stock market orientation everyday given by the Philippine Stock Exchange, you can also go th the ff events. The free schedule at PSE is Mondays-Fridays, 9:30-11:30 am at PSE Tektite Training Room, PSE,… Read More

PERA Finally our Retirement Account for the Filipino

I’ve long been awaited a retirement fund akin to the IRA or 401(k) in the United States. Even Malaysia has the Finally, the Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) Law has been approved by GMA and now awaiting… Read More

Jeepney Fare Up to P8.50 Taxis, Buses Too

Rode the jeep to Walter Mart yesterday, paid exact P16 (P8 minimum fare x 2 for me and JP) and was told by the very smug driver that I had to pay another P1. I allot P600 for… Read More