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How to Keep Track of Credit Card Charges

The HSBC hotline 85-800 is practically on the quick-dial of my phone (sure, if it had that function!) I can be pretty OC about my outstanding balance and available balance. How do I keep track of my credit… Read More

Secured Credit Card

No credit investigation. No income documents required. – Metrobank Value MasterCard application Good info for freelancers, college students, or newly self-employed who aren’t ready with their income documents yet. You can Share This article through the link at… Read More

Common Goals of Fresh Graduates and Yuppies

I wish someone had told me or shown me back in college that I should have skipped the weekly movie trip to Glorietta and saved and invested that allowance. It turns out, what I planned for straight from… Read More

Why You Should Consider Using a Debit card

I now only use credit card for gas purchases and debit cards for online purchases. All other expenses are paid in cash. The simplest way to describe a debit card is that it’s a prepaid credit card. You… Read More

Cash flow management: Envelope budgeting

The Foundation for Credit Education says: For individuals who don’t like to work with figures, the “envelope method” provides a simple way to build a savings fund. This convenient system allows you to set aside money each week… Read More