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Technical Analysis Forum – Absolute Traders

Be a Better Trader! Increase your knowledge! Absolute Traders’ Chart Analysis Forum is the event where both the experienced and beginning investors exchange notes and learn more by applying the tools of Technical Analysis in this case, specifically,… Read More

Why You Should Consider Using a Debit card

I now only use credit card for gas purchases and debit cards for online purchases. All other expenses are paid in cash. The simplest way to describe a debit card is that it’s a prepaid credit card. You… Read More


I’m sharing with you today simple yet potentially powerful financial concept that can make a difference for you today. Watch and learn.

Is Money Important?

Admit it. You think money is bad. Didn’t we all hear that money is the root of all evil? In movies, we see the rich Dons and hacienderos owning big lots of land and mistreating their poor tenants… Read More

Investor Seminars and Training

Luckily, you’re only required to be 18 years old to trade stocks at the Philippine Stock Exchange. They don’t ask for a college diploma, an MBA, or years of experience. Some local brokerages provide seminars (some free!) for… Read More