Month: July 2007

Building Wealth Workbook – Part 3 – Budget to Save

Please read Part 1 of the Building Wealth Workbook. Part 2: Wealth Creation Part 3: Save and Invest What would you like your net worth to be 5 years from now? P ___________ 10 years from now? P__________… Read More

Building Wealth Workbook – Part 1 – Introduction

You can create personal wealth. It’s possible to meet your financial goals. By choosing to budget, save and invest, you can pay off debt, send your child to college, buy a comfortable home, start a business, save for… Read More

Building Wealth Workbook – Part 2 – Wealth Creation

You want to create personal wealth, right? So does Juan. Juan is 35 and works for a manufacturing company. He looked at his finances and realized that at the rate he was going, there wouldn’t be enough money… Read More

Building Wealth Workbook

Over the next weeks, I will be giving you a series on Building Wealth: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future. Among the topics we’ll cover are: Introduction Wealth Creation Budget to Save Save and Invest Take… Read More

Begin with the End in Mind – Setting your Financial Goals

Principles of personal development, leadership, and wealth attraction all teach you to start with your goals. Have a vision. Begin with the end in mind. I borrow from The Secret to illustrate the impact of goal-setting. Imagine yourself… Read More