2016 Year in Review

2016 is almost over — what an amazing year! My family relocated from a warm country to a land with 4 seasons. I returned to corporate life after full-time mommy-hood. I made new friends and new clients, volunteered for 2 organizations, and even took some refresher driving lessons. 

I also said goodbye to life with support of family and even household help! This year has been all about adjusting our schedules, opening our minds and hearts, the job search, setting up services for S, figuring out logistics for even just the basic necessities. Truly an exercise in resilience, productivity, and efficiency to the MAX. I’m just so glad I at least learned to cook before we moved.

Some of my 2016 highlights!

  • Established my digital marketing and web consulting business
  • Completed 5+ major digital projects 
  • Participated in 10+ meetups and seminars related to marketing and tech
  • Completed 3+ certifications
  • Studied countless articles and tutorials 
  • Worked on some awesome personal development and communication goals
  • Read for my cousin’s beautiful wedding
  • Celebrated with family before relocating
  • Expanded into legal marketing
  • Restarted my Gratitude Journal

There were some (wishful thinking) “goals” missed such as publishing a post weekly or losing 10 lbs! Looking at my list, though, I feel  I’ve managed to pour my energy into what ultimately matters. 

This time last year, I was actively preparing for my family’s elaborate holiday party. Sad to be missing it but also looking forward to making new memories. Wishing you Happy Holidays and hope you share my excitement for the year ahead!