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The Renaissance Person Forever a Learner and Personality Tests

Would you describe yourself as a lifelong learner? Let’s take a look at Jack, who likes to keep up with the latest in their industry or hone their craft by attending conferences and reading blogs and industry journals…. Read More

Planning for 2017

2017 Goals and Milestones I’ve had a note with this title in my Simplenote for a few months now. The note has the months listed and bullets for important events like birthdays, anniversary, school, vacations. Also goals for… Read More

2016 Year in Review

2016 is almost over — what an amazing year! My family relocated from a warm country to a land with 4 seasons. I returned to corporate life after full-time mommy-hood. I made new friends and new clients, volunteered… Read More

From SAHM to Working Mom Photo

Transition from SAHM to a Working Mom

From Web Professional to SAHM Three years ago, I said goodbye to a promising corporate web project management post, a job that really matched my skills and interests with a talented, hardworking team. With only 2 months maternity… Read More

For Emergencies: Organizing Personal Documents

Torrential rain usually scares me. I hate to have to walk thru puddles, lest I step on something disgusting or possibly get sick. Not a rainy season has passed that I didn’t get a cough or cold.

Though I personally didn’t suffer much from Ondoy, I am traumatized with what some of my friends had to go through. Their cars and houses and electronics and documents, sunk and wet and damaged. That and the emergency preparation reminders at our building and the fact that I am entering a new major phase in my life has got me revisiting my personal files.