Manage your Cash Flow

Overspending? Does it seem as if you never know exactly where you are with your finances? I’m not going to promise you’ll be rich overnight but at least take a look at the budgeting techniques that have worked for many others.

Why is it important to even take a look at your finances? The B Word is a scary, intimidating word. I have tried so many times to allocate my allowance, imposing strict limits in Excel, but not thinking twice about swiping my debit card when I find a great pair of shoes (on sale!). I’m supposed to be a numbers girl but I realize that it’s been hard because I haven’t seen a concrete approach to follow, that’s worked for others, and is easy to do.

I think I’d rather call it Cash Flow Management, since majority of the young people do start out with cash rather than assets and investment.

You can’t really count on your income, your allowance, or your topline to increase – you don’t really have control over that. What you do have control over, believe it or not, is your expenses, the money that goes out of your wallet.

We’ll take a look at concrete approaches to budgeting. Ways that work and aren’t just all principles or all-talk.

We’ll take a look at both envelope budgeting and spreadsheet budgeting.

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