Month: June 2008

Personal Finance Seminars for July

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve set up a page for the Calendar of Personal Finance Events. Quickly head on over there now to get details about upcoming seminars including the Want Money? 4-week series by Dennis Sy and Chinkee… Read More

Faith. Change. It’s true — I’m running for President.

My father’s side has been active in politics. It’s time for me to join the family business. I’m counting on your support.

Fitness for Less: Running 30-Day Challenge

I used to run competitively in high school — sort of. Running was something I was good at outside of schoolwork. I suited up and bought my first “serious”: ankle weights. However, I got chosen only as the… Read More

Savings Trackers and How to Set Up Your Automatic Savings Account

If you’ll notice my sidebar, I just put up two savings trackers. Being an entrepreneur, cash flows aren’t as predictable as the salaried. There are days when inflows are so delayed, I literally don’t have cash to spend… Read More

Mandarin Lessons on My Terms

I always wanted to learn a new language. Growing up in Manila, you can only get so fluent in English and Filipino. In college, I had a spreadsheet where I compared the amounts for learning German (Goethe Institut),… Read More