Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

From what I recall of Philippine history, isn’t today supposed to be our real emancipation day?

Today, I celebrate my independence!

Today, I am ready to free myself from fear, from whatever holds me back, from pride, from negativity. I say YES to all things good and from God (thanks for reminding me, Bo). Yes to letting go.

I have been so blessed to have wonderful people in my life – especially to have already met my partner in life, JP. Like anyone else, I have to deal with personal issues – and he and my family, especially my mom, have been very supportive. I would like to do right by them.

And to you who’ve read my sharings and musings. I will share what I can and I will also accept any learnings and knowledge you have to share. I’m not 100% immersed in personal finance anymore. I have been involved with events, startups, our web development consulting business, hiring new employees (and letting them go), productivity and personal development, apartment hunting and organizing, wedding planning, and so much more outside the realm of ‘personal finance’. I’d like to be able to share these here and not be bound by my previous blog title. Though I will try to put in some money smarts here and there. We all still want to be wealthy – right?

To health, wealth, and love,


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