Must Have Tech Gadgets – Investment or Luxury?

techgadgets Being a knowledge worker, technological gadgets and devices are required for me to get work done. Yet researching brands and prices, not to mention finding suppliers (calling each store before visiting, just to make sure they have it on stock or have the best price, writing order letters)… takes time away from billable work! Bigger companies would have a purchasing department to focus on that – I can’t afford that overhead just yet.

So I wanted to share with you the gadgets that made the cut from my Wishlist to my To Buy list to my What I have now list.

Includes DSLR, Dual WAN Wireless Router (2 internet providers + 3G USB modem for backup), Apple iPad, Apple iPhone 4, iMac or Apple Display (yes, I have become a Mac fangirl — more cash outlay but so worth it!), wifi-enabled all-in-one printer, BB or Android phone, Magic Mouse

Within the past 100 days, I’ve added to my arsenal:

Mainstay tools: iPhone 3GS, 4-port USB hub from CDR-King with optional power supply, Logitech notebook stand, external keyboard and mouse, desk lamp.

Other items To Buy in the next 200 days:

Items on my wishlist can only reach my shopping list if I can justify that I’ve either earned it or I can earn it back. Right now, I can’t justify adding on my wishlist those fabulous looking huge-screen LED TVs on display at Anson’s or Avant or a serious home entertainment system. Unless maybe I make a full-time living from video production.

Just like how you would decide a capital expenditure in a company! You may have had your phone for 3 years now and all your friends have new phones and you feel you deserve a new one… but unless upgrading could actually help you earn more and be more… it’s a luxury. It’s an unnecessary expense.

If you want to treat yourself… treat your future self too. If you can afford a 15k or 25k phone, then I suppose you could afford starting a life insurance plan (insurance premiums costs much cheaper if you’re younger). It doesn’t sound easy but it can be done — which I’m also telling myself now. Since I just got that 1TB hard drive and I have an insurance premium coming up too.

Note: Some (not all) links will lead you to product pages that tell you more about the product and usually have helpful customer reviews. Should you decide to get one for yourself from them, I get a small commission as a thanks from them for pointing you to the right direction (best value for money).

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