EQ+IQ Sales Training Program by Colleen Stanley

Just me documenting some sales training articles, videos, and/or podcasts.

Colleen gives a high-level explanation of their Sales Training program in this webinar (Recorded Nov 21, 2008). Even from just the introduction, I got a wake-up call much similar to the self-slaps on the forehead I get listening to Steve Pavlina and Dave Ramsey. You really are what you do. I’m fond of getting to know people and networking comes easily — but I have to get in the habit of making that first call to a prospect and follow-up after an initial email.

Emotional Quotient

It’s important to be aware of myself, to empathize (easy), and to get used to delayed gratification (It’s been relatively long, actually, but hey I’m here doing sales training, aren’t I? I’ll stick to it.) especially with

  • prospecting

  • planning & time management

  • major account selling

In a tough situation, think about what’s funny and what’s good about it. It has definitely been a tough past few months — but I guess what’s funny is… I get free cellphone credits anyway and what’s good is, JP’s still sticking with it, and with me.

Aim to be likeable

Aim to be likeable. Mirror the body movements and demeanor of the prospect and match his tone — and maybe, just maybe, that can make the difference in getting the sale versus another account executive. My natural tendency is to come on strong although assessing past networking situations, I’m usually able to draw out the quiet ones. I’ll learn to tone it down and match the quieter ones — they buy who they like and who are like them.


  1. Get their story (Problems, Needs).
  2. Who is/are the decision maker/s and how’s the process?
  3. Find out the budget — before making a proposal.

5 Comments on “EQ+IQ Sales Training Program by Colleen Stanley

  1. Thanks for the informative post, I am totally impressed, keep posts like this one coming, bookmarking you right away!

  2. You are very right here. Just like me, I am a very jolly person and tends to be liked by whoever I may encounter…but I have this tendency to self-pity sometimes…which is not a good trait in doing marketing works…nyahhhh…

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  4. I enjoy socializing with new people too. It gives me the thrills of having new experiences and learn more things from it.