Girl’s Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business – Book Review

Must-read for all women entrepreneurs

What woman doesn’t want to build a million dollar (or peso) business? Susan Solovic gives meaningful, practical advice that I wish I’d read before venturing into business. This book stays by my bed for my daily dose of inspiration. If you’re a woman, if you’ve ever had to face any obstacles trying to start a business or you’ve been wanting to bring your business to the next level but don’t know how to, this book is a perfect guide to help you along the way. It won’t give you all the ingredients but you likely wouldn’t be as lost if you did.

Practical advice you can actually put to use

Every chapter is a mix of wise advice you’d expect to hear from a compassionate mentor, inspiring stories of women who did things right or learned things the hard way but you get to take a shortcut by reading about their past mistakes now, and “how-to”s. My favorite how- to is the media planning oh and finding funding, too.

Lovers as business partners

I’ve read through the book and didn’t see an anecdote about women venturing into business with their boyfriend or husband. Scratch that, there was one, but it didn’t have a happy ending. Is this scenario rare, taboo, or just plain not advisable? There was an issue of Entrepreneur that featured couples in business, such as the Havaianas importers – though they’re married.

More anecdotes, more successful women to emulate

I just love love love to hear about women who’ve built and grown sustainable businesses. It’s not exactly something you learn at school, is it? I never really thought about it growing up, or in college. I always looked up to women CEOs who were running multinationals – it never occurred to me how those businesses even got started? I want more stories, more inspirational examples.

Local women entrepreneurship programs

This book got me thinking whether there was a local program to encourage women entrepreneurs? I’ve read about a lot of micro-financing loans for women selling in the palengke (market) but for brick-and-mortar businesses that have a business model other than peddling?

  • Chit San Juan, ex-CEO of Figaro hosts talks every so often.
  • NEWomen organizes bazaars, talks, and regular networking sessions
  • GE Money Bank, affiliate of the giant General Electric, launched a Women Entrepreneurs website – though I haven’t heard of any financing programs

Any others?

4 out of 5

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  2. Hi,

    I'm an online entrepreneur, I sell at eBay and I have my own online shop. However, lately the sales have been down, and I've been thinking about shutting down my mini business. But when I read this post, it was like a sign. 😀 Thanks for posting this. That book sounds great! I might buy a copy. Thanks for the useful information! Here's to all women entreps! 🙂