Decision point to financial freedom

Based on empirical evidence gathered by Dr. Thomas Stanley (author of The Millionaire Mind), my traits would fit me right into the rat race. Simply put, Marie’s mind IS NOT a Millionaire Mind. I STRONGLY DISAGREE. I CHOOSE to disagree.

Built to be an employee

I have to acknowledge though that majority of my track record to date does not quite fit with the majority of the millionaires that Dr. Stanley studied.I have always been an honor student (Studies show that most successful entrepreneurs have average performance in school.).

Unlike most entrepreneurs who built their own wealth, I have always lived comfortably enough (not too posh) and never felt the need to find other ways to succeed in life because my grades, awards, and co-curricular activities have been good enough to get me to junior executive jobs in good companies fresh from college and/or law or business school if I wanted.

After graduating from DLSU and obtaining my Certified Public Accountant license, I worked for a couple of months as a junior officer Finance at a top international bank. I then entered as a management trainee at a multinational FMCG. I was never quite happy. I was constantly complaining and never happy about going to work everyday even though my gross pay was bigger than some staff who may be working for more than 10 years. It must be partly due to being the eldest child, being used to (quasi) independence, and the yearning for and knowledge that there is something more. I wanted to be free to pursue my economics studies and research projects, have fun with JP and my friends and sisters, start a business, travel, write and so many more! 24 hours a day aren’t enough for my dreams.

Reality of the rat race

My boyfriend JP says it’s not how long we’ve been going out, it’s the intensity or the quality of the time that we do spend together that matters. Some couples have been together for 10 months but only have a dinner or movie date once or twice a month. I hardly think that can build a strong relationship. I’m going with the same frame of thinking. It’s not how long I’ve worked as an employee in any company that’s going to matter in my life. IN MY LIFE. I’m going to look at the quality of my dreams, my achievements, my memories, my assets, my friends and family time, my thoughts and emotions.

Robert Kiyosaki‘s first lesson from his rich dad : he had to miss his Saturday baseball games because he was told to work in the dad’s store for a measly 10 cents per hour. In less than a month, he got fed up and realized that rich dad says not to trade time for money. Don’t work for money. Build systems and processes to have money work for you. I’ve read and heard this so many times from big guys (who know what they’re talking about!) so I know it theoretically. The same epiphany came to me 7 months after getting into the employee route.

I say, Filipinos are in dire need of good financial education and sound personal finance habits. This is my contribution.

It takes courage and an open mind to get out. Until we get to the age of 65, 88% will be dead or dead broke. That’s why it’s hard to get out of the rat race, trading time and youth for money – because practically everyone’s there! It’s going to be lonely if you’re not with them 88%.

I’m not against hard work

I’m not afraid of hard work. I can do loads of overtime, lose sleep, and even spend my own money. I used to do volunteer work and ran a big student organization for 3 years, taking time away from school or potential part-time income – just because I loved it.

I want to do what I like, to like what I do, and to see that it has an impact on people’s lives. I want to at least see the value that my effort gives to them. The value of something I do should be rewarded at the true economic benefit that it gives to others, not some value that’s net of corporate income tax, business taxes, indirects or overhead, electricity, advertising, dividend income for others, and other considerations. Don’t you think you deserve that?

Dream big

It’s possible. I can see my Tagaytay house and lot where JP and I will live in the next few years. My children will study in the International School system and will learn about money smarts at a young age. I’ll get my parents a place too for their relaxation.

It’s going to happen in this lifetime. My mom handled her money well. From a child selling flowers in the market, she managed to send us to good schools and to buy us a really nice house. She even got me a car. Our expenses aren’t going to lessen anytime soon though so I know I also need to make that geometric growth in my income happen that straight-line salaries can’t.

Next time, I’ll tell you about ways I’ve found to realize these big dreams.

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