Transition from SAHM to a Working Mom

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From Web Professional to SAHM

Three years ago, I said goodbye to a promising corporate web project management post, a job that really matched my skills and interests with a talented, hardworking team. With only 2 months maternity leave in the Philippines (for NSD, 3 months for CS), so much change had happened in our lives, with my body, my thoughts, my soul, it was a tad overwhelming to do well in both worlds. Striving for work-life balance is easier said than done with a 2-hour commute and called for a reevaluation of priorities. And so. I said hello to diapers (even went through a cloth phase, yes), tot school, nonstop nursery rhymes, and babywearing. I constantly feel so grateful and fortunate that I braved through the newborn months, the stormy phases, teething, fevers, even exclusively breastfeeding for 30 months. Of course, JP’s support made a big impact. Full-time mom was I, along with acquiring some homemaking skills.

From SAHM to Working Mom

Having studied economics and having run a consulting company, my brain is wired to think in terms of billable hours and comparative advantage. Now that Sam is getting older, she would benefit in a lot more playtime (outdoor and indoor) than I have the capacity for. It might be time for the professionals. She’s been learning to do things herself for a while now, she’s potty-trained, feeds herself, has the bedtime routine down pat — preschool, here we come. She’s ready. I’m ready.

Mom Guilt

There’s an inevitable risk for mom guilt, which I’m addressing with coaching and a support network and just plain being open to a conversation about it. (Is there such a thing as ‘dad guilt’ then?)

Transition Plan

Now that we’ve settled in our new place, I’m getting ready for the job search and I’ve put in motion our transition plan. She started daycare. Home routines and events are on the calendar.
I’ve been updating my front-end dev skills, which has always been quite a joy for me to do. Getting into the CMS (content management system) myself for a client has always been handy. Switching my version control mindset from SVN to Git. Doing some inbound marketing / digital marketing work too.
I had a conversation recently that brought to light that web project management is what I do, what I am. I’ll want to write more about that. Moving to Canada was a project we successfully completed. A lot of my life is “managed” in my journal and tools such as Google Calendar, Trello, Wunderlist, Simplenote.

To Be a Professional Again

I’m testing out different methods for the job search. One of which includes adding here — hey, if you can connect me to a project coordinator / web project manager post here in Toronto, or have any advice, I’d love to take you out for coffee (or tea!) Email me at mariecasas at gmailD0tcom or DM me @mariecasasTO

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