10 Known Ways to Save (That You Don’t Bother to Do)

  1. Order tap water when dining out.
    Beverages are marked up by 50-80%. You can save a few hundred off your bill and your waistline too.
  2. Take the public transport.
    You don’t have to worry about driving. The difference from taking a car could range between 15-45 minutes. That’s not so bad considering your savings.
  3. Take a walk.
    We can’t walk as much as we like because of the heat but whenever you can, save yourself the fare and sweat a little! You may actually save your P3,000 monthly gym membership.
  4. Is it a matter of life or death?
    Ask yourself that every time you feel the urge of stopping by Starbucks… for the 3rd time today. Or dining out or watching a movie.
    You need your caffeine fix but do you really have to buy that P150 of whipped cream and sugary sweet coffee?
    P150 x 30 days = P4,500 that could go to your emergency fund or investments.
    Those coffees and pesos add up!
  5. Start your own business.
    Find a hobby you can make a business of and register as self-employed. (Just go to DTI and BIR).
    As a business owner (even part-time) you can deduct business expenses (maybe you use your DSL subscription or cellphone for business) for tax purposes. That could effectively lower your tax payable.
  6. Find a payphone or landline.
    In Glorietta, there’s a hub of payphones near the escalator by Nautica. You only need P1 to make a call. Duh. Confirm your appointments at the office or at home using your telephone rather than texting while driving or maxing out your cellphone.
  7. Hang out at home or a friend’s house
    Instead of meeting up friends at the mall, you can avoid parking fees, lessen gas and dining out expenses by having a snack at home. You can watch DVDs or just lounge on your sofa. You won’t have to tire your legs and you save yourself from impulse shopping.
  8. Take baon instead of eating out.
    Better to eat homemade than eat fast food (prices are way way up!) Did you know you can actually only cook once a month and feed yourself! This involves devoting one whole day to grocery shopping and cooking.
  9. Stock up on apples or fruit in season and soda crackers (Skyflakes or BluSkies) for snacks.
    So you have less reason to go to the canteen for merienda and splurge on drinks and other snacks.
  10. Treat your friends at Dampa!
    If you’ve planned a “blowout” or special treat for your friends for your birthday or raise… P2,000 can feed 15 hungry mouths at Dampa. At Greenbelt, P2,000 would feed 2 people.

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  1. really nice 🙂 i was thinking of doing those thing for the past months i never thought other people think of it too. it saves cash and you can also lose weight at the same time

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