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Die Broke: A Four-Part Financial Plan – Book Review

Every month, and as long as my budget will allow, I will read a new personal finance book and share with you my learnings and insights. Feedback for Die Broke: Die Broke authors Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine… Read More

Savings Trackers and How to Set Up Your Automatic Savings Account

If you’ll notice my sidebar, I just put up two savings trackers. Being an entrepreneur, cash flows aren’t as predictable as the salaried. There are days when inflows are so delayed, I literally don’t have cash to spend… Read More

Pinoy Money Talk and Marie Casas in Money Sense

Pinoy Money Talk (shoutout to rainmen and futuregizmo!) is #2 on the personal finance blogs list in the January-February issue of Money Sense. I’m listed at #4, not too shabby, hey. I’ve been putting in most of my… Read More