Promotional Email Newsletter

Promotional Email Newsletter

I designed and coordinated the first email promotional newsletter for a beauty e-commerce website and coordinated a team producing it biweekly.

Audience: Female consumers and distributors

Content: Merchandising offers from the print catalogue and special announcements

Design: Following brand guidelines and the print catalogue
The email templates were designed to be accessible, compelling, responsive, and straightforward

I designed and coordinated an email promotional newsletter for a beauty e-commerce website. This was the first time for the company to use an email distribution software. My team continued to produce this biweekly for 2 years. I designed and documented the templates and process workflow for the email distribution software (Mailchimp) and trained my team. I coordinated with members across sales and marketing, PR, and retail operations. I provided continued supervision, user acceptance testing (UAT), and Quality Assurance (QA).

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