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EQ+IQ Sales Training Program by Colleen Stanley

Just me documenting some sales training articles, videos, and/or podcasts. Colleen gives a high-level explanation of their Sales Training program in this webinar (Recorded Nov 21, 2008). Even from just the introduction, I got a wake-up call much… Read More

Pinoy Money Talk and Marie Casas in Money Sense

Pinoy Money Talk (shoutout to rainmen and futuregizmo!) is #2 on the personal finance blogs list in the January-February issue of Money Sense. I’m listed at #4, not too shabby, hey. I’ve been putting in most of my… Read More

Lucky Blogs

Aren’t I lucky? I’m one of the 10 winners of $100 cash prize! Sadly, I didn’t make it to the winning 10. Maybe next year! Here are the Winning 10 emerging influential blogs for 2007. They were awarded… Read More

Blue Ocean Strategy in the Philippines

JP and I joined Entrepreneur’s Marketing Rescue held July 21, 2007 at the DLSU Graduate School of Business at RCBC Plaza. Josiah Go (Mansmith & Fielders, Inc.) oriented around 100 aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers about Blue Ocean Strategy……. Read More

What is conversational marketing? PR 2.0

I stumbled onto the term Conversational marketing over at FederatedMedia. Judging from the term, this is the world of sales letters, email marketing, and comments and trackback systems. Tom Hespos of iMedia Connection writes: Conversational Marketing” was a… Read More