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This calendar is just my way of helping out readers who are looking for free/paid seminars and training in investing and personal finance. I do not personally endorse these events. I manually update this calendar; so if you plan on scraping off my hard work and pass it off as your own, then you can just rot and have all your hair fall out and die and live poor. If you want to link to the calendar: use

If you have an event that should be added here, please let me know.

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  2. I've attended the third series of Want Money last July 13. It was way different as what I expected in a personal finance seminar. Two kids welcoming me with candies/chocolates and as I entered inside, I saw teenagers on the stage singing in group and the audience were also singing and raising their hands with joy! Oh My Marie! “What Money?!?!!!”, I said this to myself as I find my seat inside. I really feel that I'm out of place that moment, nevertheless, I just take time to enjoy God's love for awhile and feel quite at ease that there are also celeberities there. After a song has ended, I was suppose to leave until I read the envelop inside. Ohhh! the seminar is after this singing and praises! – Oh my Gulay!!

  3. Gosh, sorry for the, um, surprise. I found out about the event from Chinkee Tan, who wrote “Till Debt Do Us Part”. So you didn't get to go through the actual money talk??!? Kamusta naman?

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