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OK. Since I’m getting back to publishing, I’m doing some reorganizing and planning. One of the concerns that has come up is going along with FTC (even though I’m not in the US), and to let you know what to expect about some of the content I publish. So what should you know?
* I may make money from posts an/or ads on my blog. If you click on a link, you may assume that I will receive some form of compensation (commission or free credits) from that link.
* If I receive free stuff to review, just go ahead and assume that I got the item for free.
* I still of course will come up with my own opinion based on my principles and parameters. I keep an open mind and anyone who knows me will tell you – I’ll tell you like it is.

The photo is of a notebook… because notebooks are one of my not-so-guilty pleasures. I love to visit the stationery section in a store. Ha! I also enjoy makeup, books, trips, clothes, purses, gadgets…

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