Shopping for our Home – S&R & Homeworld Sale!

So we’ve just moved to a new 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment – and it’s still completely bare! We have our tables and chairs for our work and not much else.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of sales this September:

  • Mandaue Foam until September 15 (but their showrooms are too far for me)
  • S&R Members Treat (our very own Costco!) – September 14-18
  • SM Homeworld Sale at Megatrade Halls 1-3 Megamall – September 16-18
  • There’s also a huge sale at SM Mall of Asia September 16-18

I’m still too scared to go to S&R knowing that there’ll be hours of queueing for getting into S&R (not to mention finding a parking spot), for getting carts, then after all that hunting around for good deals, another queue for paying at the cashier.

I don’t know if the “savings” will be worth it. I’ve heard stories of people spending 8 hours there…

So anyway we’re nearer to Megamall, so we got to visit the first day of the Homeworld Sale. So fun!!! We’ll definitely come back tomorrow. It’s more organized and bright and cleaner than the Travel/Luggage/Footwear sale a few weeks ago held at the same place.

Our first priority was a big bed, mattress, linens, pillows – which we all got for under P20,000.

  • Queen size leather bedframe made in Malaysia SRP: P14,960 – Sale price: P8,960 (There were even bed frames that were offered at just under P5k but I was a bit wary of how sturdy they would be, made of particle board) The one we got seems like it’d be worth upwards of P20k actually
  • Memory foam mattress SRP: P10,000 – Sale price: P7,000
  • 4pc. queen-size Linens 310 thread-count SRP: P4,279.75 – Sale price: P2,140
  • 1 pair pillowcase 220 thread-count SRP: P699.75 – Sale price: P210
  • 2 20×30 Trendsetter pillows SRP: 706 – Sale price: P525
  • 1 Joyce & Diana 20×30 pillow P400 – just for elevating my feet! yay!
  • Teal curtains B1T1 (P400) and white sheers (P350)

Also got a couple of baking pans for the oven for under P300 for both.

And the delivery price seemed cheaper than their usual rate too. They offer installment up to 3 months for a min. purchase of P5,000.

That we went today on the first day on a weekday during the day, we witnessed how the crowd grew as the hours passed. Still, at least we got the lay of the land for when we go back 🙂

Aside from furniture, other shoppers were hoarding Christmas decors, china, linens, kitchen items and small appliances (e.g. oven toaster, airpot), clothing storage, plastic box containers. The window drapes seem like especially good deals. We stayed for about 5 hours but only because we did a lot of back and forth, canvassing, malling, and eating in between shopping. Queueing was not so bad.

I wonder if there are better rates for linens at S&R but I don’t think I can stomach all that queueing.

Can’t wait to go back to Megamall this weekend though! Don’t forget your SM Advantage Card!

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