Personal Finance Seminars for July

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve set up a page for the Calendar of Personal Finance Events. Quickly head on over there now to get details about upcoming seminars including the Want Money? 4-week series by Dennis Sy and Chinkee Tan starting June 29.

If you use Google Calendar, on top of your Calendar, you can also input “Personal Finance Philippines” and click on “Search Public Calendars”. My calendar will show up and just click “Add to calendar.”

5 Comments on “Personal Finance Seminars for July

  1. Hi Marie,

    These sound great. I wonder how the speakers will handle questions about how to invest in this volatile market. Grabe, my investment instruments are really losing 🙁 How are yours doing? I feel pathetic hahahaha

  2. I know right? I'm not checking my stocks portfolio right now. I intended them to be for long-term, and yeah, definitely coz they're so low now. Sigh.
    I'm rebuilding my emergency fund, actually. No investments for now, just saving. The entrepreneurial life has depleted my buffer so I have to make some more extra money fast!

  3. Hi there, no genius here but Id like to throw my two cents worth.

    IF the market is down is it not a good time to buy? You might not get much now but in a few years maybe we can get better returns.

    If you are rebuilding your emergency fund then it seems that your distribution of wealth was slanted in the wrong side of the spectrum.

    Here is a suggestion. B small warsmergency fund, invest in the market, look for managed funds and reduce your taxes on all your investments.

    The key to investments is consistency and not a one-time big-time hit. Can you imagine that money invested in the 1925 would be over 1000 times its original value today despite two world wars, various naural calamities, terrorism and the like.

    Who would have guessed?

  4. Don't worry about me waxster. I invest everyday in business and I've started my first very own VUL, with the investment component in a specialized fund with high equity proportion at the start, constantly decreasing % for equity fund until the last 5 years, when it transitions to bond fund so I can cash out.
    I do have to build a buffer to align with YNAB rule #1 stop living paycheck to paycheck.

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