What is conversational marketing? PR 2.0

I stumbled onto the term Conversational marketing over at FederatedMedia. Judging from the term, this is the world of sales letters, email marketing, and comments and trackback systems.

Tom Hespos of iMedia Connection writes:

Conversational Marketing” was a term that entered into the lexicon on the coattails of “The Cluetrain Manifesto;” it described a fundamental shift in thinking that needed to take place. The gist was that companies needed to start thinking of marketing as a bottom-up operation rather than a top-down one.

The internet was bringing a new dynamic into play, changing the ways in which people connected with one another, and Cluetrain helped to highlight opportunities for companies to connect directly with their customers online, in lieu of taking a broadcast approach to the marketplace. Conversational marketing emerged as a favorite term to describe the notion of connecting directly to customers online, in part because the first of the 95 Theses within the manifesto is “Markets are conversations.”

That’s what Pigmata aims to do with our services. We give a complete user-centric experience that allows for other stakeholders such as the advertisers or sponsors to present their business in a non-intrusive and effective manner. That’s what will keep the company going for many many years.

To help me do that, I have to go through this list of PR 2.0 readings one by one and apply them to our projects.

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