PinoyMillionaire Features

Some of the features of PinoyMillionaire:

  • Free membership and email updates
  • Lessons in personal finance
  • Listings of financial seminars
  • Advice from personal finance experts and practitioners
  • Listing and comparison of available financial products and services
  • Resources and digital downloads
  • Special updates on anything and everything about the Philippine
    economy and how it affects individual Pinoys

Why set up a new website? Why give up

I’m so excited! Pinoy Millionaire provides a more appropriate venue to give you guys the information you need for your financial education. It’s kind of hard to give a comprehensive view and market the site when it’s tied to my person.

I’d like to redeem my domain for myself and build the financial literacy campaign at and with International Marketing Group.

On my Someday list is build an NGO for financial literacy in the Philippines or build a money school or franchise from Money Camp or Young Biz UK. The costs are astronomical and they’re all offline.

IIn the Philippines, Colayco Foundation and IMG provide seminars. The government also conducts talks for OFWs. However, there is still a serious gap. PinoyMillionaire will allow me to do something about financial literacy now and apply internet marketing skills that help me promote and do better with Pigmata projects.

This would also allow me to mix in my learnings from different aspects of Pigmata Media and school.

If you want to go a step further, you can schedule a one-on-one session for financial planning.

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