Free personal finance web app coming out & Free Ebooks

Free personal finance web application

A free personal finance software called Mint is about to come out. It may give a more intuitive approach to managing money as it claims to find ways to save you money! It features automatic categorization of expenses.

Now, if only there was a way for these very interesting web applications to integrate with my Philippine bank accounts and online stock brokerage. I’m doing it manually right now — should I go ahead and make a Philippine version of Mvelopes and/or Mint? I thought of that before but I think the more pressing issue is to push for financial literacy first. People should know the basic financial principles before even thinking of trying new software or using credit cards.

Right now, I’m trying out You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham.

Personal Finance 101 Newsletter for Yuppies

I’m also working on a newsletter tutorial for you working young beautiful people so you can get your personal finances on track and catch up on 20+ years lacking financial education. This should be up within this week. I’m giving a special treat with it too! I’ll put up the sign-up link on Tuesday so you can get in early.

Free Ebooks

Check out this free ebook on budgeting that I highly recommend you read.

  • Money for Life teaches envelope budgeting in a laid-back fashion because it’s in storytelling format. I’m giving you a free 80-page excerpt. I printed this out and wish I could share more real-life examples but I honestly think the Filipino culture of “bahala na” is so dominant that people don’t even want to bother with understanding finances. I gave a quick preview here.

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