Stock Trading Simulation

Get started with simulation games. Before you take an exam, you usually study like hell. The smart students also take a practice test. Ah, there lies the big secret. The simulation games are your practice test.

Signing up is free, you learn to trade real companies with play money so I don’t know why else you’re not going to at least try.

Investopedia gives you $100,000 virtual money. Trade stocks in public games with or without options)

Virtual Tycoon by CitiSecOnline gives you PHP1,000,000 play money to trade in PSE. They have helpful forums and tickers.

PSE Stock Trading Game of the Philippine Stock Exchange! You also start with PHP1,000,000 virtual money.

When you’re ready for the real thing, see how you can trade stocks online.

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5 Comments on “Stock Trading Simulation

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  2. interesting. ei, i left peoplesupport na. details to follow when we’re both free. mwah! miss yah!

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  4. The best way to lear trading is to actualy get into it, there are stocks out there that do not need lots of capital to invest.

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