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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

From what I recall of Philippine history, isn’t today supposed to be our real emancipation day?

Today, I celebrate my independence!

You’re the 1, Goldilocks

Most people know Goldilocks for their cakes and pastries.
I like those too… but they’re not all that I come to Goldilocks for.
What those pasalubong people probably don’t know is that Goldilocks has some pretty good meals too.
JP […]

New Season, New Look, New Stuff, New Ideas

It’s been a pretty difficult past few months. I visited my cousins in California, ate a lot, enjoyed the (not so) cold climate of Fresno and San Francisco. I enjoyed an attempt to visit the city that never […]

Faith. Change. It’s true — I’m running for President.

My father’s side has been active in politics. It’s time for me to join the family business.

I’m counting on your support.

My Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Story

Guys, please allow me to share an anecdote about my sister. Thank you for your patience. I’m going through Steve Pavlina’s self-discovery exercises right now as well as managing I may take the RFP program soon… if […]