coworking toronto

Coworking Toronto

Have a small business operation in Toronto? Starting your freelancing or consulting business? Want your own space, start small, a place to meet with co-founders or clients, but not sure if you need or want the commitment to a full lease? I’m a big fan of coworking spaces! And I’m so glad there are so many excellent choices in Toronto.
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all about hootsuite social marketing certification

All About the Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

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Eager to get started on using social media to promote your personal brand or your employer? Trying to decide how to best beef up your resume? Aside from volunteering and reaching out to small business owners and nonprofits for real-life application, let me tell you a bit about this social media marketing course and certification that can support your professional goals.

If you’ve heard or read anything about inbound marketing, you know it starts with attracting potential customers for the top of your marketing funnel. You attract your target audience with content that answers their burning questions — when they don’t even necessarily know yet what their exact pain point is or what solution they might be looking for.

An excellent example of content marketing is how brilliantly the Hootsuite Academy with its blog and online courses establishes itself as a thought leader, answering questions on social media marketing, and providing an education. You don’t feel you’re being “sold to” – but you are! With every blog post and video that answers your burning social media questions, Hootsuite rightfully gains your trust and builds a relationship with you.
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Planning for 2017

2017 Goals and Milestones
I’ve had a note with this title in my Simplenote for a few months now. The note has the months listed and bullets for important events like birthdays, anniversary, school, vacations. Also goals for Work or Education or Personal development. A compact high-level view of the year compared to, say, monthly Google Calendar that you can revisit every month or so.
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2016 Year in Review

2016 is almost over — what an amazing year! My family relocated from a warm country to a land with 4 seasons. I returned to corporate life after full-time mommy-hood. I made new friends and new clients, volunteered for 2 organizations, and even took some refresher driving lessons. 

I also said goodbye to life with support of family and even household help! This year has been all about adjusting our schedules, opening our minds and hearts, the job search, setting up services for S, figuring out logistics for even just the basic necessities. Truly an exercise in resilience, productivity, and efficiency to the MAX. I’m just so glad I at least learned to cook before we moved.

Some of my 2016 highlights!
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My Q3 2016 Review - Photo of Techweek Toronto

Thankful for a Fabulous Q3 2016!

I can’t believe Q3 (July, August, September) is over! The weather is getting cooler, light jackets are back in use, but still enjoying a few hours of sunshine. I’m reviewing the quarter that was — what went well and what would make them even better.

Techweek Toronto – July 25-28, 2016 – Mars Discovery District and Berkeley Church

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