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Are you interested in all things digital? You’ve come to the right place. I like to write about digital marketing, tech events, lifestyle, tutorials, and reviews.

I’m the person you can count on to implement your digital marketing, e-commerce, or web application projects. I build digital properties that augment brand value and strengthen customer relationships. Specialties include HTML, SEO, UX, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Blogging, Graphic Design, Business Analysis, Performance Marketing, Online Advertising.

I understand user experience, how to guide customers through the buying journey, how to build websites that work, and how to integrate digital into your business. I have helped consulting companies, tradespersons, realtors, not-for-profit associations, and a Fortune 500 company grow their online presence, generate leads, engage customers, and online sales. I’m comfortable with WordPress, Sharepoint, and Adobe content management systems and custom web applications.

I communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders and I document processes so they become transparent and scalable.

Certifications & Recognition

I have Certifications for Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing. More on my Professional Certifications.

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My Website

In 2016, I moved to Toronto, ON, Canada. My website now evolves with me as I immerse myself in the tech and digital marketing community in my new country. I hope to share my experiences, insights, questions, and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts as well. You can always leave me a comment or a message.

Launched in 2006, I started MarieCasas.com after university. I chronicled personal finance and entrepreneurship tutorials, advice, and reviews. Personal finance was my first niche, a valuable learning experience for when I co-founded a web consulting agency in Makati City, the central business district in the Philippines. I also published a blog focused on tech startups called Pinoy Web Startup (Startup Philippines). My blogs have received awards such as ‘Most Influential Blog’ and ‘Best Business/Entrepreneurship Blog’ by the Philippine Blog Awards and Philippine Web Awards.

My Love Story with the Web

In 1996, during the days of dial-up 56kbps Internet modems, the hey-days of Yahoo! and AOL… I was in 6th grade. My mom brought home a desktop PC. With a floppy drive. Encyclopedias were still on CD and in actual heavy thick books in our home library.
I explored the World Wide Web. I opened up Notepad and learned HTML. I built my first webpage when I was 12! I built a number of fanpages for my favorite actors and shows all through high school. 

Fun Fact: I would usually sign up a webpage I created as part of a webring. What is a webring? A piece of Internet history, related websites would be part of a network called a webring. Each member website would have a member badge that lets you jump to and from the other related websites.

Back to our story… At University, I built webpages for the University student council, for my college, for my student organizations. Even while I was National President and Secretary-General of the national organization for accountancy studens, I built their website too. I remember handcrafting the logo in Adobe, it might still have been Macromedia back then! 

After earning my dual bachelors, I met John, who started freelancing as a web developer while in college. We founded a web development consulting agency with another creative friend. What a blessing that my passion, my hobby, my work have been aligned since.  

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