The Eight Important Elements Of Economic Success

Comments from investment advisor Dr. Sjuggerud [in brackets] and my wholesale NBA jerseys responses (in italics)about the 8 important elements of economic success derived from Dr. Thomas Stanley’s study of more than 1,300 millionaires :

  1. Understand that there are key success factors that our economy rewards; they include: being honest with all people, hard work, integrity, and focus. [I was amazed to learn that the top of the list was “being honest with all people” – even above hard work!] Note that the list wholesale jerseys doesn’t include being born to the “right” family. It has to be clear that hard work is rewarded more substantially by the economy when magnified by a system and not just by the 30% premium on the labor rate for overtime.
  2. Never allow a lackluster academic record to stand in the way of becoming economically productive. [Can you believe that the average millionaire graduated college with a 2.9 GPA – and that’s wholesale jerseys if he even graduated!] I have always gotten good grades. I study hard and work hard because I like doing my best. Don’t let your good grades sucker you into a non-millionaire life!
  3. Have the courage to take some financial risk. And learn how to overcome defeat. [Handling defeat is a big key in investing – the most important – and toughest – thing to do is to Cut Your Losers.] Funny Dr. Sjuggerud! Cut your losers! This is something I have to confront because I happen to really like doing well. I cried once when I got a failing exam score – which rarely ever happens. The very bright side is that the deviation or any possible low point has a point on the positive side of the spectrum! Calculate your risks.
  4. Select a job that is not only unique and profitable; pick one you love. That oomph, that passion. I’m young. I can let myself find it and try Corporate new stuff that pique my interest. Don’t cage yourself.
  5. Be careful in selecting a spouse. [Economically productive people marry men or women who share the characteristics that are most compatible with success.] That and good-looking.
  6. Operate an economically productive household. [Many millionaires prefer to repair or refinish rather Miami Dolphins Jerseys than dünyada buy new.] Filipinos love the pride that comes from having bought firsthand. to I really want that house in Tagaytay. I guess the millionaire cheap nfl jerseys found ??????? a way to neutralize caveat emptor.
  7. Follow the lead of millionaires when selecting a home – study, search, and negotiate aggressively.
  8. Adopt a balanced lifestyle. Many millionaires are “cheap dates.” It does not take a lot of money to enjoy the company of your family and friends.

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